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October 28, 2013

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Pat Sherwood isn’t lost in Central America and doesn’t want your god-damn help.

Mistakes made and lessons learned.

As I write this, we have been living on motorcycles for 64 days and covered nearly 8,000 miles across seven U.S. states and nine countries. It has been amazing and overwhelmingly positive.

I could lie to help my pride and say that we’ve been prepared for everything and nothing has gone wrong, but that’s just not true. So, I’m going to open myself up to the Internet world of experts by being honest about some things (not everything) I’ve messed up.

For example, I did not practice changing a tire on the Kawasaki KLR-650s before we left on a 100-day trip. Yes, I know this is beyond stupid. Please feel free to remind me in the comments. Ready to laugh at me even more? I watched YouTube videos on how to do it before I left and said, “Well, that looks pretty straightforward. We should be fine.” Truth be told, it is straightforward. But that does not mean it does not require practice to execute efficiently.

I was an idiot. But I’m learning.

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3 Comments on “Confessions of a Testosterone-Drunk Jackass”


wrote …

Goddamn Pat, you might actually be growing up.
Don't worry, it will wear off.


Dale Saran wrote …

I love this article. It pretty much sums up my life.
"Directions? Pshaw. Nonsense. Of course I know where I am... wait, is the gas showing E? Shit."


Dustin Kreidler wrote …

Dude, you send that cop a box (or a case) of Krispy Kremes, overnight delivery, when you get back. He's the ONLY reason you're alive. ;) Dope. :D

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