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October 07, 2013

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One hundred days, 16 countries, 12,000 miles by motorcycle—and rain. Lots of rain.

“It was the worst day of riding I’ve ever had in my entire life,” Pat Sherwood says of the ride out of Guadalajara, Mexico. He describes the rain as not just torrential but “biblical.”

“It’s freaking freezing outside,” continues Sherwood, whose hands are so frigid he can barely extend his fingers.

His mantra for the day?

“Don’t die, don’t die, don’t die, don’t die, don’t die.”

After thawing out, it’s on to CrossFit 72700 in Cholula, Mexico, and CrossFit Hermosillo.

But, by Day 27 in Palenque, Mexico, Sherwood and videographer Ian Wittenber find themselves in a heap of trouble: Wittenber’s bike won’t start.

“The bike,” Wittenber says, laughing, “the bike is everything on this trip. If we don’t have the bikes running, we don’t have a trip.”

Video by Ian Wittenber.

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Additional reading: Roadkill Fitness: Surviving and Thriving Through Variance by Pat Sherwood, published Sept. 30, 2013.

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3 Comments on “Go South, Episode 4: More Rain”


wrote …

Seeing the CrossFit story repeated in a different language and a different country is a great reminder of how much ALL of us have in common, regardless of our cultural and geographic backgrounds. Keep it up guys.


wrote …

Yes! If Crossfit had been around when I was in my twenties or even my thirties, I would not have wasted time pursuing bodybuilding. I am confident in that assessment. This is similar to the lady in Mexico that Pat meets. She is from my era, basically, so we share a similar experience. I am now 55 and struggle greatly with many of the Crossfit movements due to a broken body, but I try. I make micro improvements from mega effort, but improvement it is, and improvement is wonderful. I have Kelly Starrett to thank for most of those improvements, actually.

I feel like Crossfit is possibly the greatest force of civilized man on the planet, outside of the family unit. I just don't see the same sense of community, group enjoyment, encouragement, or true purpose anywhere else. Greg had a true moment of genius when he had the inspiration for this way of fitness that has become a way of life and, perhaps even more importantly, a way of community for many. It may not be as pervasive as the two most popular religions, but it's headed that direction. One thing of many it has going for it is it is not exclusive of anyone's religious beliefs. Christian? Join us. Muslim? Welcome to the Box. It's not exclusive of much, when it comes right down to it. Even a broken old man like myself, who can't catch a clean properly and perhaps never will, can still do scaled workouts of some sort. Money? That may be the biggest limiting factor. It does cost to go to a Box, but you can do the workouts at home. There is risk in that, though, due to form and the relative knowledge of it by those performing movements or directing those that perform the movements. If the government were to subsidize Boxes the way they do religious institutions more people could partake. At that point you could call me Pastor Ken.


wrote …

I pray that you got the piece that you needed - those bikes look like they need a ride. Stay dry this time and keep meeting the locals they love this! You both look like you are having the time of your life - ENJOY

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