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October 22, 2013

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Canadian Karl Thorson currently resides in a California penitentiary. Emily Beers explains how he got there.

The story of the convict has been told many times before.

Usually it’s recounted after the fact, once the former prisoner has proven to the world that he’s abandoned his old shady life and reformed himself.

This isn’t quite that story. This is the story of a man who is still in prison today, a man who is in the process of transforming himself.

Karl Thorson knew what it meant to be caught with a suitcase loaded with 45 lb. of cocaine. He knew how much trouble he was in and how his actions were going to cause serious pain and embarrassment to his family and close friends.

At 32 years old, he was going to prison. Possibly for a long time.

After two and a half years behind bars, he still lives with crippling guilt because of the pain he knows his family endures every day.

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4 Comments on “Journey Behind Bars: Part 1”


Joe Hardy wrote …

Good for Karl! Respect! He is staying positive and that is important in this tough time for him. 30 months is pretty harsh! Good luck brother!


wrote …

I really enjoyed this article. I hope he gets his life back on track. We all make mistakes, some are just bigger than others. Good luck, brother.


wrote …

How could anyone think this is a good story? He is a convicted drug dealer!!! Is it better because he does Burpees in solitray confinement?


wrote …

I'm so glad our Federal prisoners get to work out, get strong, get fit, and then have the fitness levels to combat the police on the streets. I thought CrossFit was geared towards promoting and supporting LEO's and military.

And don't call his conscience decisions "mistakes." He planned in great detail how to smuggle and distribute drugs in the US. His associates are the same scum bag assholes who kill the cops and military spec ops crews who you create the Hero WOD's for. Real logical CrossFit. Stupid fucking article.

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