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October 31, 2013

PDF Article

The individual PDF articles published in October 2013 are collected here in a single download.

The video and audio posts are not contained in the PDF.

The articles included here are:

CrossFit: Defending the Name - Saran
What Really Matters to Pat Sherwood - Sherwood
Stoppage of Play - Cooper
Three Days in Haiti Part 3: Adversity and Hope - Beers
Ice, Ice, Maybe? - Achauer
Learning About Hope - Cooper
Live Like You’re Going to Die - Sherwood
Divided We Fall - Cecil
Lifeline to Independence - Woods with Beers
Diamond in the Roughhousing - Warkentin
Son of Anarchy? - Sherwood
Journey Behind Bars: Part 1 - Beers
“None of This Would Exist Without You” - Burton
Confessions of a Testosterone-Drunk Jackass - Sherwood
’Roids All the Rage? - Warkentin
Mummy Circle - Martin

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