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October 03, 2013

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It’s the Monday before this year’s CrossFit Games, and Rogue Fitness owner Bill Henniger and his crew have started building the rigs that will play host to Friday night’s Legless event.

All told, it’s about 40,000 lb. of steel for three rows of 11 lanes on the tennis court of the StubHub Center in Carson, Calif.

Josh Crawford and Mike Klintberg traveled from Mesa, Ariz., to volunteer for the first time at the Games, helping with equipment and building.

“We coach,” says Klintberg while standing beside the pool at the Woollett Aquatic Center in Irvine, Calif. “We’re big fans of it now, so we kinda wanted to get out here and … get the full experience and everything, so what better way than actually help them set everything up?”

Crawford agrees.

“Actually see the behind the scenes, see the set-up, actually see these huge rigs in person—it’s pretty awesome.”

All told, Rogue provided approximately 350 tons of equipment to test the world’s fittest at the Games, creating a logistical challenge perhaps on par with the physical challenge of using the equipment in the Games events.

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