Go South, Episode 6: A Worthy Risk

By Pat Sherwood and Ian Wittenber

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October 21, 2013

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On Friday the 13th, CrossFit Media’s Pat Sherwood and Ian Wittenber were headed from Guatemala City, Guatemala, to El Salvador.

The border, though, wasn’t what they had anticipated.

“It looked disgusting. It looked bad. It looked worse than any other border that we had (been to),” Sherwood says. “I mean, it just, it looked about as appealing as Satan’s asshole.”

To make matters worse, immigration and customs officials in El Salvador didn’t like the copy of the legal document saying CrossFit Inc. had given the two men permission to use the motorcycles they had. But Sherwood is nothing if not a sweet talker.

“Four hours 54 minutes 53 seconds, we have cleared customs and immigration,” he says after the ordeal. “All of a sudden, the official documents weren’t needed, nothing from the lawyer mattered. There was a cool website (CrossFit.com) that (a customs official) loved, and we could go into the country.”

The experiences are all part of their motorcycle adventure encompassing 100 days, 16 countries and 12,000 miles—from the U.S. to Chile.

“It’s worth it to show that this is a cool community that we have,” Wittenber says. “Even in places that are dangerous and even in … small places in the world, like in Costa Rica, where we are, there’s cool people doing CrossFit.”

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Additional reading: Live Like You’re Going to Die by Pat Sherwood, published Oct. 14, 2013.

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4 Comments on “Go South, Episode 6: A Worthy Risk”


wrote …

best one yet... Pat, im in tears over here with your one liners LMAO!!! get back safe.


wrote …

Man, I could FEEL that accident. That's the thing about motorcycles and rain, no middle ground; one second all is well and BAM! it's all over. I'm glad it wasn't any worse. Happy trails!


Dale Saran wrote …

Pat/Ian: New letters inbound, boys!! (and keep the website handy, evidently). Be safe, for god's sakes, you clowns.
We love you. Great work.



wrote …

This video truly shows what the Crossfit community is all about. Crossfit isn't just another workout routine/system, it goes way about that. I can relate to Emilio with dealing with anxiety. Crossfit is the one thing that gets me through the anxiety.

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