Stoppage of Play

By Chris Cooper

In Medical/Injuries

October 08, 2013

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With the NHL and NFL seasons in full swing, concussions are a hot topic. Blows to the head can have serious short- and long-term consequences, so why do athletes risk brain damage by returning to play too early? And how can we keep them safer?

A little knock on the head can lead to big trouble, though the exact nature of the trouble has yet to be determined. Regardless, it’s clear that there are significant problems associated with slamming the brain into the skull.

At present, former athletes are coming clean about depression, memory loss, anxiety and a host of other cognitive impairments related to head trauma. There have been suicides, and family trauma goes unmeasured. Concussion stats are questionable due to under-reporting. Doctors and scientists try to determine how to diagnose and treat concussions before allowing a return to activity, but they can be foiled by athletes and coaches who say everything’s fine when it’s not.

The latest generation of athletes is more wary to be sure, but many regularly return to play too soon and risk long-term health issues from repeated concussions. What can parents, coaches, players and doctors do to make sport safer?

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dylan farr wrote …

The conversation on concussions is opaque from some clear on others. Ive had 15 as a professional and amateur athlete, 6-8 subconcussions too. I had massive HPTA deficiency and subsequently a litany of health issue finally properly diagnosed. Spent 7 years being wrecked by psychiatrist only to finally see an endocrinologist and have my life come back to me.

Get a concussion, ice the brain stem immediately. Recent studies show this of great benefit. Also eating anti inflammatory foods also has tenable benefits too.

And just like in the UFC all athletes should be suspended from play immediately. Secondary impact concussions are totally avoidable, and if happen someone should be fired.

Becareful folks

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