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October 09, 2013

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The final part of this three-part series looks at the day-to-day lives of Haitian people and how they find happiness in a country filled with constant physical struggle and hardship.

About two hours away by car from McDonald, where Julie Roberts does most of her work in Haiti, is the tiny village of Jarvais. Because the village isn’t close to any cities, its people don’t have access to imported goods. They depend entirely on each other and the resources of the land for survival.

“For some reason Jarvais is particularly poor, its people particularly unhealthy,” Roberts explains as she jumps into her vehicle.

Today she’s headed to Jarvais to do medical work. She knows it’s going to be a long and emotional day in the relentless Haitian heat.

This isn’t Roberts’ first trip to Jarvais. She’s been there a couple of times to provide medical treatment, and last year she funded a program that sends a nurse there twice a month.

“I’m skeptical, though. I have no idea if a nurse is actually getting out there as much as she’s supposed to,” Roberts says to her four CrossFit friends who are with her to help. “You never know with this country.”

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