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October 07, 2013

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Road warrior leaves home with seven pairs of socks and discovers one of life’s great secrets.

Today is my 42nd day away from home and living on a motorcycle. Every now and then I compare a rough list of what I have with me to all the stuff—the tons of stuff—I have filling my house and garage at home in Santa Cruz, Calif., and I think about how I have not needed any of it to live and be happy in recent weeks.

What the hell is point of all the crap I own? I have wanted for nothing on this trip.

I think far too many of us in the U.S., myself included, are so busy working ourselves into an early grave that we don’t take the time to truly live and have rich experiences. So, instead of filling our lives with experiences, we fill them with possessions and needless junk. We are concerned with getting the new car, the fancy watch, the latest iPhone, the new tile in the kitchen, etc. Those items simply distract us and give the illusion of being happy until the shine of whatever we bought wears off … and then we’ll need to go buy something else.

But one cannot buy enough possessions to fill the holes in life that should be filled with experiences. The amount of money spent over the course of a year, or a lifetime, on things we don’t really need is staggering.

Why not take that money each year and go live, go do something so cool you won’t be able to stop talking about it for years to come?

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6 Comments on “What Really Matters to Pat Sherwood”


Dale Saran wrote …

Great article. Can always use clean socks. And less twitter.


wrote …

Phenomenal article. It's true, none of us will be on our deathbeds wishing we had spent more time on Facebook...a better Fran time...maybe.


wrote …

I am glad it's a great adventure. I read Walden Pond 40 years ago, (it's all been said before). Then I got a job taking care of sick people. I reckon that's enough.The new tile can actually be pretty nice, especially if you spent the time to do it yourself. Then it's an 'experience' all of it's own, and not just clutter. Sorry, I thought this article was less than profound.


wrote …

Well said Pat! I concur!


wrote …

love the article pat!! there is nothing more humbling and educational as a long motorcycle trip!! i have loved all of mine!!! i have to admit though....i would not want to do what your doing.....BUT.....i love the education you are getting!!! GOOD WORK!!


wrote …

When food, shelter and clothing are a given, well, we gotta find something else to bitch about, right? Nice article Pat. Happy trails!

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