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November 03, 2013

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Assistant principal Chris Spurlock reviews the effects CrossFit Kids had on the P.E. program at Savannah Christian Preparatory School.

In the 2013 school year, our school undertook a major change in its physical-education department: we implemented a CrossFit Kids curriculum for kindergarten to Grade 12.

The results were immensely rewarding. While I learned many things, three in particular have become very apparent from an administrator’s point of view: CrossFit Kids works perfectly in the general population (i.e., the classroom), teachers of all subjects could benefit from CrossFit education and seminars, and CrossFit Kids can save physical education.

This has been an eye-opening year. CrossFit Kids has changed the attitude toward physical education and has improved the expectation of what P.E. can do for students at Savannah Christian Preparatory School. Our kids have learned things like goal setting and how to deal with adversity, which they can now apply not only in the traditional classroom but also in every aspect of their lives. We have students who have found new strengths and are beginning to realize that their potential is limitless—and this is just the first year.

We are excited about where we are headed and what the future may hold.

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