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November 18, 2013

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It’s nearing the three-month mark and Pat Sherwood and Ian Wittenber are in Bolivia, making preparations to head to Argentina as part of their 12,000-mile motorcycle trip from the U.S. to Chile. There’s just one problem: no gasoline.

“Bolivia, if you’ve got plates from a different country, the overwhelming majority of gas stations will not allow you to purchase gasoline,” Sherwood explains. “Our bikes are on fumes here at the hotel.”

Thankfully Marcelo Torrico of CrossFit Redención comes to the rescue with two containers filled with gasoline. It turns out Torrico is all about helping others: at his affiliate, he offers scholarship spots for those who can’t afford membership.

“I have that desire to serve my community and help those who need it,” he says.

In addition to CrossFit Redención, the Sherwood and Wittenber also visit CrossFit Muf, where they meet modeling sisters Maria Jesus Suarez and Maria Teresa Suarez. Both women tell modeling agencies about CrossFit.

Sherwood says: “They try to link everything together and change the face of what the perception of what beauty is.”

Overall, Sherwood is impressed by the geographic diversity of the country named for Simón Bolívar.

“You’ve got jungle, you’ve got high desert, you’ve got the Andes … you’ve got everything that you want,” Sherwood says of the country. “It is amazing.”

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4 Comments on “Go South, Episode 10: Bolivia Is a Gas”


wrote …

Pat and Ian, For me, this is the best episode yet. Great reports all, but this one really struck a community note that explains so much about this thing we call CrossFit. Thanks.
Ketchikan, Alaska


wrote …

That's one helluva video man you have with you.

Hope you have enough gas to get home by Christmas.

Be safe my friend.


wrote …

Great to meet you guys! I'm glad the adjustments did you well. I love the new vid. This series is really awesome. Its shedding a lot of light on CrossFit in South America and helping bring the community together. Hopefully with a little more exposure, CrossFit in Peru will take off. Safe travels and when you are in town, stop by anytime.
Dr. J


Dale Saran wrote …

This whole series is my favorite, but I love this particular episode. For a lot of reasons, although I could have done without the poop paper visual (but thanks for the thorough reportage).

So glad to see our community growing and the universality of CrossFit across cultural lines. We do this thing and suddenly we find we're part of some larger, different culture, this crazy thing called CrossFit, and we have like-minded friends around the world. And, strangely enough, no matter the language they speak or the color of their skin, they're.... just like US!!!

So proud to be a part of the CrossFit community. Thanks Pat and Ian. Hope the docs finally caught up with you.


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