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November 25, 2013

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It’s Day 95 and Pat Sherwood and Ian Wittenber are in Tucumán, Argentina. About 30 miles into this leg of the trip, Sherwood’s motorcycle goes kaput.

With the help of Max Benejam of CrossFit San Miguel de Tucumán, he’s able to get the bike to a mechanic. The diagnosis isn’t good.

“They kept saying this word fundido. And they’re like, ‘I think the motor is fundido,’” explains Sherwood. “And I’m like, ‘Fundido, like, I don’t know that one,’ and so as soon as I got Internet and I looked it up in my little translator, it basically means ‘completely and utterly screwed’—that your engine is just baked. It’s done.”

Baked engine behind them, Sherwood and Wittenber head to Buenos Aires not on motorcycles but on a plane, with the future of Sherwood’s bike in limbo.

“I have no idea what’s gonna happen,” Sherwood says of the final legs of the planned motorcycle adventure from the U.S. to Chile. “It feels really bad to be getting on a plane to Buenos Aires.”

But his troubles are forgotten as he watches 87-year-old Domingo Paradiso train at CrossFit Tuluka in Buenos Aires under the watchful eye of coach Yasmin Blale.

“This is what we see everywhere we go: people having a blast; genuinely giving a shit; and caring about other people and making people better, improving their mobility, longevity, health; building community; laughing together; goofing off,” Sherwood says.

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Additional reading: Riding With the Reaper by Pat Sherwood, published Nov. 18, 2013.

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3 Comments on “Go South, Episode 11: The Spanish F-Word”


wrote …


You should have jumped on the back of Ian's bike and rode "mandem" for the rest of the trip! Haha j/k

Thanks again for everything you did making the video(#7) and including Chantel and I. It means so much to the both of us! I hope the rest of your trip goes well! When you get back stateside we have to go for a ride. I don't think my DUCATI could handle anything off road but I am sure we could figure something out.

As for the videos, I really enjoy seeing CrossFit all over the world. It is a great thing to see communities growing with CrossFit in them. To me there is nothing better than traveling to a new box, making some new friends and doing a WOD. Fitness and health is just so important for everyone and it is something that is internationally respected.


Glenn Hyzak


wrote …

About The Spanish F-Word "FUNDIDO"
We use that word when some people, athletes are overtrainig or pretty tired, and it is common hear between students "he or she is FUNDIDO". That mean he or she is with fire in he/her brain because lot of hours of study.

Thanks you,



wrote …

Love this whole story of your trip. Why not just buy a used bike down there, forget your old dead one and continue on?

Good luck to you,

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