Hope in a Box

By Hilary Achauer

In Affiliation, Medical/Injuries

November 14, 2013

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A breast-cancer diagnosis brings CrossFit HD members Lauren Beard and Carrie Belmore together for a new challenge.

“Jess told me you’re an infusion nurse at Emory.”

When Carrie Belmore heard those words, her heart sank. She looked at 26-year-old Lauren Beard, who had approached Belmore after a workout at CrossFit HD in Atlanta, Ga.

“That’s the last thing I thought I’d hear,” Belmore said.

Belmore had seen Beard around the gym, but they had never really talked. They were Facebook friends, but as Belmore said, “You can be Facebook friends without knowing each other.”

Belmore looked at the young, vibrant woman in front of her. As an oncology nurse in the cancer center at Emory, she knew nobody would ask that question out of idle curiosity. Their first conversation was not going to be about the workout or what they were going to do over the weekend.

They were going to talk about cancer.

This, however, is not a story about cancer but rather two people who happen to work out at the same box.

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wrote …

Hi Carrie and Lauren,
Loved your story...actually read it yesterday but was so moved I wanted to just let the warmth wash over me before responding. I really can't put into words the feeling, that feeling you get when you encounter a relationship that is so selfless and fun!!! I feel like crying and smiling at the same time! Thank you also Hilary for taking what you saw in their lives and putting it into words that touched my heart. Can't wait to share this with folks I teach/train and loved ones. Thank you for the gift.

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