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Constantly Varied Kitchen: Sweet Cheats—Bananas Foster by Nick Massie - CrossFit Journal

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December 22, 2013

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Hit a hard workout before chef Nick Massie teaches you how to make the famed New Orleans-born dessert bananas Foster, a rare holiday treat.

“A killer dessert is a great component to any holiday meal,” says Massie, who runs

He adds: “There’s some fire involved, so stick around for this one.”

Chef Paul Blangé of Brennan’s Restaurant in New Orleans created this dish in 1951, and its ingredients tell of its hometown: large bananas, banana liqueur, dark rum, vanilla-bean ice cream, butter, brown sugar, ground cinnamon, mint tips and heavy whipping cream.

It begins with the chef putting a frozen bowl and two scoops of ice cream in the freezer. Afterward, the bananas are added to a pan containing butter and brown sugar. Cinnamon follows.

“We don’t want the bananas to overcook. We just want to soften ’em,” Massie explains.

Then comes the dessert’s signature flavor: liqueur and dark rum, which temporarily sets the mixture ablaze.

The bananas are placed atop the ice cream, all topped with the cream and a mint tip.

“You don’t want to not eat ice cream, and you don’t want to just sit around and eat ice cream. So my advice? Earn your ice cream,” Massie says.

To download the recipe for bananas Foster, click here.

Video by Marston Sawyers, Nick Massie and Julian Marquez.

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