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CrossFit Firefight by Various - CrossFit Journal
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Most CrossFit athletes know the cramping, burning ache in the forearms caused by Fran, but few have pushed through that to fire a gun at a target.

At a Nov. 16 competition in Florida, three-time CrossFit Games champion Rich Froning did exactly that as part of a five-event challenge involving fitness and firearms.

“I’m comfortable with guns. Doesn’t mean I’m accurate with guns,” Froning says.

The champ competed against a field that included J.J. Racaza, a practical shooting grand master and firearms instructor for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Racaza has six months of CrossFit training under his gun belt.

Events included a 2-mile run, a firearms Fran and a multi-gun event with a host of CrossFit movements mixed in.

“You’d think it would be one of those two who’s going to win it because J.J.’s one of the best iron-sights pistol shooters in the world, and Rich is obviously the best CrossFitter in the world. … It depends how much value is put on the shooting if J.J. can beat him,” says CrossFit Inc. Director of Training Dave Castro, who’s also a competitive shooter.

In the end, Froning’s fitness wasn’t enough to help him overcome Racaza’s accuracy, and the firearms instructor took first.

“It was such a good day, man. It was just shooting and working out. I feel great,” Racaza says.

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