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Fran to Teach Phys. Ed. by Staff - CrossFit Journal

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December 14, 2013

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Charter school with CrossFit as its physical-education program receives conditional approval.

On Dec. 3, the San Diego Unified Board of Education voted 6-1 in favor of granting conditional approval to Empower Charter School, making it the first school to name CrossFit as a foundation in its petition for charter. About 40 green-clad supporters, including CrossFit originals Greg Amundson and Josh Everett, were in attendance for the vote.

Empower is scheduled to open in fall 2014 and serve students in kindergarten to Grade 6, and the vote was the last step in a lengthy process that involves budget and enrollment forecasts and a host of other legal elements. The school will offer an innovative program focusing on academics as well as fitness and health, with CrossFit at its core.

Lead petitioner Demi Brown credited the approval to the amazing support of the CrossFit community, particularly the members of CrossFit Mission Gorge and CrossFit Elysium.

“We were standing up for something we believe in,” she said.

With conditional approval granted, Brown will now be working to meet all conditions in order to begin operation in fall of the New Year.

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2 Comments on “Fran to Teach Phys. Ed.”


wrote …

I think one of the biggest success to this school will be how kids learn about proper nutrition not food pyramid nutrition. Good nutrition fuels the mind and the body. I would like to see the percentages of how many kids are on mood altering drugs? I bet it will be pretty darn low, if it exists at all.


wrote …

I truly love what has occurred here combining education and fitness. Way to go guys. Many of us in the education commmunity in Calgary continue the battle in combining fitness, nutrition and academics.

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