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Go South, Episode 13: “Suddenly It Was Over” by Pat Sherwood and Ian Wittenber - CrossFit Journal

Go South, Episode 13: “Suddenly It Was Over”

By Pat Sherwood and Ian Wittenber

In CrossFit, HD Videos

December 09, 2013

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After about two weeks without a motorcycle, CrossFit Media’s Pat Sherwood finally comes face to face with the broken machine in the mechanic’s workshop. He likens it to a dead animal: “You can see a skeleton of what it used to be and there’s just carcass everywhere—that’s my bike.”

The decision is made to donate the bike to CrossFit San Miguel de Tucumán, and it throws a monkey wrench into the Latin American motorcycle adventure Sherwood and videographer Ian Wittenber started in mid-August in Santa Cruz, Calif.

“Everything happens for a reason, right? But I don’t know why the hell this happened. Honestly, I’m racking my brain for the positive outcome, and I don’t see it,” Sherwood says.

Wittenber travels to the final destination—Santiago, Chile—alone; Sherwood travels by plane. When Wittenber arrives in Chile, the moment is bittersweet.

“I’ve gone halfway around the world and it’s sad because Pat isn’t here to have gone halfway around the world,” Wittenber says.

Sherwood puts it more succinctly: “And suddenly it was over.”

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wrote …

Sorry such a great trip ended on a sour note. No way I could have abandoned my Harley like that! On the bright side, you provided some excellent content to


wrote …

Too bad about the bike breaking down. Excellent adventure. I will say you guys could learn a lot on long distance riding from the authorities on the matter; The Iron Butt Association. Riding in extreme heat in just a T-Shirt is a big No-No, and a great way to get dehydrated really fast. Oh, and as for the funky smell in the helmet, next time take a dryer sheet and put it between the foam and the soft liner of the helmet. So what's next!?!

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