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December 16, 2013

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What would you do if you won the lottery? CrossFit Media’s Pat Sherwood would get back on his bike.

After his four-month-long motorcycle trip from the U.S. to South America, Sherwood is back in Santa Cruz, Calif., with riding partner and videographer Ian Wittenber, revealing some previously unreleased commentary and footage.

Some of Sherwood’s frustrations are showcased in a blue cloud of expletives, Wittenber drinks a scorpion and the pair witness what can happen in a motorcycle wreck. Despite the chaos, Sherwood found a sense of peace on the road.

“What was great about the trip was the disconnectedness,” Sherwood tells CrossFit Media’s Sevan Matossian.

He adds: ”You can’t text while you’re riding. I’m actually free for a bit, and that hadn’t happened for a really long time. Whether that’s soul searching or not, that was really therapeutic.”

Wittenber, meanwhile, most enjoyed his time with other CrossFit athletes.

“The thing that I got the most out of it was actually the moments when we weren’t alone, when we were with all the affiliates and, like, with the community,” he says.

When all was said and done, the two men had more friends than when they started.

“You are a part of—literally, no exaggeration—a global family. You have a global family,” Sherwood explains. “And that’s just so cool, ya know? As we grow and expand and start to take over the world, your family grows.”

And lottery tickets in hand, Sherwood and Wittenber vow to do another trip if either wins—and Sherwood is certain he’s going to win.

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2 Comments on “Go South, Episode 14: Lottery Plan”


wrote …

Great series. Inspiring as hell. Appreciate the spirit that comes forth from every episode, completely 'badass'


wrote …

How ironic is it that these videos still end with the sound of a bike starting? Something that Pat's bike probably will never do again!!

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