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Indignation for Self-Defense: “How Dare You?” by Tony Blauer - CrossFit Journal

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December 29, 2013

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If a bad guy sticks a gun in your face, makes the mistake of not killing you and then further makes the mistake of talking, it’s your lucky day.

“If a guy stuck a gun in your face, would he expect you to put your hands up in fear? Yeah,” explains Tony Blauer, who owns Blauer Tactical Systems and leads the CrossFit Defense courses.

Luckily, that nonviolent posture also is ideal for grabbing the gun. At that point, all you need to remember is the shape of a question mark or a light bulb to keep the gun from being pointed at your face—and, of course, also bite, scratch and become indignant.

“You gotta start going crazy,” Blauer says. “The movements that we’re doing here are things you all can do.”

He adds: “Indignation is my favorite word in our courses. … Indignation is that moment where I go, ‘How dare you?’”

Video by Jay Vera.

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wrote …

Careful with this, it may seem easy but without drilling this many many times I don't think it would be safe. Even after three years of Gracie Jiu Jitsu and knowing I can control an untrained person 100% I would still be nervous.

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