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International Exchange Mates by Pat Sherwood - CrossFit Journal

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December 02, 2013

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Globetrotting Pat Sherwood explains how trainers can explore the world via the CrossFit affiliate network.

During our 100-plus-day journey through the Latin American CrossFit community, an idea has been presented to us numerous times. First, I heard murmurs in Mexico. Then I heard the same suggestions as we pushed south through Central America. As we made our way through country after country in South America, we heard the same idea presented over and over again.

The idea? There should be an exchange program, both nationally and internationally, for CrossFit trainers.

The opportunities are indeed limitless. Go to the Affiliate Finder Map on and browse through the affiliates spread across the globe. But look at the map in a new way: see each city or town with an affiliate as a place you truly have the ability to experience.

The Affiliate Finder Map is already in place, so you have only to take some initiative. Pull up the map, click on someplace sexy, reach out to an affiliate somewhere, and know before you hit send that the email is going to a friend, a member of the community. Start the process. Set something up. Make arrangements and plans and prepare for a great adventure in another country.

As Hunter S. Thompson used to say, “Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

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wrote …

Wow I would loved to do that !!!


wrote …

Awesome idea, I've sort of been doing this exact think across the US since July. I tavel every other week for my 'real job' and always try to visit as many boxes as I can. I usually email the boxes in the area a week or so ahead of time and explain that I am a trainer and will be in the area. I've met a lot of really cool friends and keep in contact with many of them about workout and training ideas.


wrote …

My Dream Vacation!

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