Bartendaz: “Mind Up”

By Mike Koslap

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January 09, 2014

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When Andrew Creary played football at Hampton University, he could bench 356 lb. and squat more than 500 lb. But at 240 lb., he couldn’t do one pull-up.

Today, things are different: He’s a member of Bartendaz NYC out of Harlem. The experience has provided more than just physical fitness.

“I want to progress, but you have to know that that goes with life. You want to always learn. The smartest person knows that he can know more,” he says.

Hassan Yasin-Bradley, known as Giant, is the founder of the 10-year-old Bartendaz group.

“I never thought in my life I would touch the lives that I’ve touched,” says Yasin-Bradley, a former felon. “I never thought that I would meet a … young lady named Dasani, who’s going through more difficulties than I ever been through in life. And we have a fundamental relationship through exercise.”

Ultimately, the 44-year-old Giant is on a mission to inspire others physically and mentally through what he calls natural movement. As he says, changing lives one pull-up at a time.

“’Mind up’—that’s serious.”

Video by Mike Koslap.

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13 Comments on “Bartendaz: “Mind Up””


wrote …

I worked at an elementary school in West Philly for five years before moving to NYC this year. The kids I taught would have LOVED something like this. What a great initiative!


wrote …

Very inspiring story. Thank you for sharing. Amazed


wrote …

Absolutely loved this video.


Pierre Litobox wrote …

Truly inspirational video, Mind up !


wrote …

You must read the related NY Times piece on the homeless girl Dasani and how she found her way to Bartendaz NYC.
Fascinating piece and something we, as CrossFitters, can learn from that we can take our boxes, open them to someone who could use a positive healthy role model and how it can possibly change someone's life....
Maybe even the world!


Jesse Gray wrote …

Awesome! A lot of time I'm skeptical of ex-cons out to do "do good for the community" but this guy is totally legit! Keep it up and if you're ever out on the west coast let me know!


wrote …

So inspiring!! Love the nice music, can anyone out there would tell me title and artist??


wrote …

Great video, story and service. Thank you for sharing!


Dale Saran wrote …

Inspirational piece. Glad to see the local CF Affiliate (Concrete Jungle) doing what they can to support Giant, his crew, and his cause. We need more leaders like this in their communities, preaching the gospel of exercise, hard work, self-reliance, etc. Great to see this.


wrote …

Still waiting for someone out there to help me to find the nice music - artist/title- by the end of this video


replied to comment from Maurizio Guarrata

Hi Maurizio,

The music used in the video is from a subscription-based site for media companies. Unfortunately, it's not something you can find on Spotify or iTunes.


wrote …

Great video. Very glad to see so many African Americans benefitting from exercise and CrossFit esque functional movements. Way to go giant and Concrete Jungle.


wrote …

Thank you Andrea!

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