Constantly Varied Kitchen: Cinnamon-Infused Short Ribs

By Marston Sawyers, Nick Massie and Julian Marquez

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January 10, 2014

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If you’re dedicated to the Zone Diet and like bargains, this is a recipe for you: cinnamon-infused short ribs.

The dish was “inspired by a trip to Costco, where we found some butternut squash pre-diced,” says chef Nick Massie, who runs

Short ribs are the main ingredient, accompanied by the squash, as well as onions, tomatoes, garlic, tomato paste, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves and olive oil. Massie begins by combining most of the ingredients in a large mixing bowl. When it comes to the ribs, he simply seasons them with salt and pepper.

He then layers the vegetable mixture and ribs into a slow cooker, adding bay leaves along the sides. Next step: Wait 10 hours. If you can.

The next day, it’s enough for eight four-block Zone meals.

“It’s kind of like a stew,” says Massie. The meat is “super tender,” and the cinnamon is “not overpowering but there.”

To download the recipe for cinnamon-infused short ribs with butternut squash, click here.

Video by Marston Sawyers, Nick Massie and Julian Marquez.

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