For the Love of Coffee

By E.M. Burton

In Rest Day/Theory

February 13, 2014

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Love: you know it when you taste it.

A great many people take their coffee very seriously; they say they love coffee and can’t do without it. Some even say they have found the perfect cup, and it’s at CrossFit HQ.

There are a handful of brewing methods practiced at the office, but the one that has taken hold most firmly is rooted deep in the West Coast practice of “letting it drip.”

As you might expect with CrossFit, a significant emphasis is placed on technique, and there's a good deal of weighing and measuring.

No one said love is easy.

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wrote …

LOL - Great. You made my day!


wrote …

I Love coffe, every day I drink with my wife. We need coffe to stay "alive".
Here in Brazil, all the people drinks coffe in the breakfeast, after lunch and anothers hours to.

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