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Found Money by Chris Cooper - CrossFit Journal

Found Money

By Chris Cooper

In Affiliation, Kids

February 02, 2014

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Schools and CrossFit affiliates are teaming up to improve fitness and brain function in children, and opportunities for funding abound if you know where to look. Chris Cooper explains.

Physical education has flatlined.

While the obesity epidemic rages and many schools lack the money, time or knowledge to implement a comprehensive approach to physical activity, CrossFit Kids is bringing fitness back into the curriculum, and the growing demand is creating new opportunities for CrossFit Kids affiliates.

Though a school may not be able to pay for coaches to run programs, money is often available through not-for-profit agencies, various foundations and government programs. And if you know where to look, it’s easy to find.

“Finding grants where schools are eligible is fairly easy,” said Lura Poggi, Coordinator of School Programs for CrossFit Kids.

Some CrossFit affiliates are now leveraging these grants to pay more coaches, expand their businesses, help more kids and revive phys. ed. in their communities.

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5 Comments on “Found Money”


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

This is GREAT. I LOVE everything CF Kids does.

I taught PE for 11 years and the fact that sports are still taught is basically the SAME thing they were probably doing in the 60s..... seriously.

I know my daughter is in a school and the teachers team teach..... I never did that and I know the type of teachers who do that.... it bothers me!

Kids need fitness, there are plenty of programs for sports

They need learning, inspiration, knowledge, FUN, confidence and more

I like this article a LOT..... I would love to hear from a PE teacher in need of help.... hasn't happened yet.

When I tried to change things as a teacher my colleagues HATED me.....

I am glad to see other teachers are forward thinking and reaching out to CF Kids!


wrote …

Hey there,

My name is George. I have been involved in CrossFit of about 1 year now. I've seen my body improve in way that I would have never imagined! I've actaully have had a sense of confidence becuse of it!

The reason I am writing to you guys is beacuse I need your help, I'm sorry, I beleive hundreds even thousands need your help.

I'm 22 years old. I recently (As of 3 years ago in March) was highly addicted to heroin and anything else you would put in front of me. I struggled with drugs and alcohol from the age of 12 on. I was raised in a middle class family with 1 younger brother and 2 older sisters. My mom and dad were happily married. Which raises the question... What went wrong.. Why turn to drugs and alcohol if my life was so good? Well that's because I was good at hiding what was really going on with me. I was good at stuffing my emotions. I was good at being fake! Well I'll tell you why I chose the path I did. My dad traveled a lot when I was a kid.. He was gone from Monday morning until Friday night every week from when I was 7 until about the age of 12. All those years I never understood, being that I was young, why he was never there. I felt as if he wanted nothing to do with me, as if he didn't love me at all! My mom would tell me all the time that he loved us and every time I would reject it.. All I wanted was to hear it from him. So i truly bought into the lie that my father didn't love me.. When in theory, and knowing now, that he did and that's why he was out making money for us to have a good home to live in. I began drinking an experimenting with drugs because Of the pain in my life that I had held onto. It became worse when he died when I was 15.. the was never a resolve to my pain with my father. So my drug use became more severe.. Until I got sick in tired of being sick and tired.

I went to No Longer Bound. It is a 10 month faith based regeneration program for men who struggle with drugs and alcohol. It is the place I found Freedom from all my pain that I had forced myself to feel for many years, it's where I found God, It's where I was able to tell my dad that I loved him and that I know he loved me. I was able to fully grieve my fathers death.

I now work at NLB where I am in a position to lead men in the same direction I was lead. No Longer Bound is a non-profit
organization. We have many different ways where we raise money. We have a Thrift Store, a Furniture boutique (Which is built by men in the program), An Auto Car Sales Shop (Cars are donated and resold), A Graphic Design and Print Shop (Which I Manage with another man named Chris). Those are just a small way that we can help No Longer Bound generate money and also provide the men with skill learning environments.

We as a staff had gotten together and raised about $8,000 to purchase our own Crossfit equipment. (Giant Pull up rig, to wall balls, to all the weights, kettle bells and bars) Which brings me to the reason I'm actually writing to you for help. I want to raise the bar in the community around us (NLB) for people to start Crossfit and have another reason than just getting fit, and to be able to pull yourself up over a ledge when zombies attach! I want to do a WOD for Recovery Fundraiser!!! Or something along the line that would allow people to have fun and all proceeds would help save mens lives in the community!

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please help us. No Longer Bound is a great place and touches the lives of many family each day.

Contact me at 678-727-6347


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

George U need to connect with HQ and see what you can do regarding going to other / teaching other rehab centers how to implement CF

It's a BIG picture idea but it starts with one place!


wrote …

Hey there Zach,

How would I get in contact with someone at Crossfit HQ?



wrote …

Hi Zach,
I am a PE teacher in Canada. I started CrossFit in the fall of 2013 and fell in love with the process, people and results. I asked one of the affiliate owners for suggestions on how to integrate CrossFit approaches into my PE teaching and he recommended that I attend a Level 1 Training session. I did attend, learned SO MUCH, passed :) and now am implementing basics into my PE classes. I accessed grant monies to have the majority of the registration fee covered. Be patient - things take some time to change. CrossFit training approaches WILL move into schools. If they are not yet in your child's school, the best thing you can do for your own child is to put them into CrossFit Kids. Every movement takes time to take hold.

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