CrossFit Radio Episode 321

By Justin Judkins

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March 15, 2014

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On Episode 321 of CrossFit Radio, host Justin Judkins interviewed both ladies that will face off against each other for Open Announcement 14.3 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The first half of the show features Alessandra Pichelli who placed fourth at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games. Joining Justin on the second half of the show is Games veteran Stacie Tovar. This episode was webcast on March 12th, 2014.

1:22 Alessandra Pichelli is currently sitting in 101 place Worldwide in the Open. She is set to take on Stacie Tovar for Open workout announcement 14.3. She spoke about getting the email from Dave Castro and how excited she was. She explained why her main focus is on Regionals instead of the Open, at least it was until she received the invite from Dave. She talked about her training over the past year and how she has done in the first two workouts of the Open. Alessandra explained how she deals with her intense training volume and what she does when she needs a break. She talked about the movements she hopes 14.3 will involve and how she mentally gets ready for a workout that is unknown to her until two minutes before she begins.

10:00 Stacie Tovar explained how she is experiencing a mix of emotions as she gets ready to go head to head with Alessandra for the third workout of the Open. She described what she hopes 14.3 involves and what she hopes it doesn't. Stacie talked about the leaderboard and where she is currently standing. She talked about what she looks for when she reviews the standings in her Region. She gave her opinion on whether her and Alessandra are at a disadvantage because they are the only ones in the world that have no idea what 14.3 is before they do it. Stacie suffered a serious injury to her shoulder around this time last year and explained what her recovery was like after the Games last summer. She has been in two competitions since her recovery and explained why she did them and how her shoulder reacted.

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