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Kipping Pull-Ups for KIPP School by Laura Bruner - CrossFit Journal

In Kids, Special Populations

March 02, 2014

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Knowledge Is Power Program school relies on Los Angeles affiliate owners to help bring CrossFit to new East L.A. junior high.

Paul Austad, Candice Ryu and Shirley Brown didn’t know each other until recently, even through the three grew up in the same rough area of East Los Angeles and have been exposed to much of the same adversity.

But now they’re banding together for a greater cause. Along with a woman named Alice Lai, the three will be instrumental in helping make CrossFit part of a new junior high opening this fall.

Lai is an advocate for bringing education and CrossFit to kids who need it most. Through the Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP), Lai is opening a new junior high school to serve the East L.A. area. Located around the country, KIPP schools are free and have a track record of helping students in underserved communities achieve success in academics and life.

What sets the East L.A. school apart from other KIPP institutions is CrossFit, which Lai will be implementing into the curriculum.

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