CrossFit Radio Episode 327

By Justin Judkins

In CrossFit, Radio

April 26, 2014

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On Episode 327 of CrossFit Radio, host Justin Judkins interviewed CrossFit Driven owner Bruce Elsey, as well as Scott Stalling, who will compete at the South West Regional. This episode was webcast on April 23, 2014.

6:25 CrossFit Driven, located in Sanger, Texas, celebrated its five-year anniversary by hitting Fran on April 14. Owner Bruce Elsey talked about opening an affiliate in a small town and said he has about one percent of the population attending classes every day. Telling a story familiar to many, Elsey explained how his journey to affiliation started when people in the neighborhood saw him working out in his garage. While there are challenges to owning an affiliate in a small town, Elsey said the members of CrossFit Driven are a tightly knit group, and he works hard to keep it that way.

17:26 Scott Stalling qualified for the South West Regional after starting CrossFit about a year ago. Even more remarkable is the fact that he has no athletic background whatsoever—he didn’t even play sports in high school. Stalling spoke about finding CrossFit and described how he trained hard to make it out of the Open. The athlete from CrossFit Dixie in Utah said he doesn’t feel he has any catching up to do as he prepares to compete on May 30, but he makes a point of working on his weaknesses every day.

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Is there any chance that you have an RSS feed for CrossFit Radio? I would love to subscribe to it as a podcast, but can't find a feed.

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