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May 22, 2014

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Bill Starr goes over the finer points of training to lift big loads in strongman competitions.

In Building Behemoths: Part 1, I outlined a number of exercises useful to any athlete training for any type of strongman competition, including those planning on entering any level of Highland games.

In that article, I promised to provide some ideas as to how to improve endurance and flexibility, two attributes often overlooked by the big men seeking to become the world’s strongest.

First, I’ll give readers an example of how to program the exercises I recommended. Three days a week in the weight room are sufficient in the beginning. The other days are for rest and recovery and for practicing the various skills that will be needed in the type of strongman events you plan to enter.

I recommend one primary exercise for each of the three major muscle groups: shoulder girdle, back and hips/legs. Early on, avoid all auxiliary movements for the smaller groups and concentrate all your energy on the primary lifts. There will be plenty of time to hit the smaller groups later on.

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