Noble Goals

By Mike Koslap

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May 29, 2014

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Chicago Bulls College Prep’s superintendent set a plain goal: Provide the best health-and-fitness program of any high school in the country.

Likewise, the school adopted CrossFit and further hosted a Level 1 Certificate Course for its P.E. teachers.

“For our teachers to be able to see the quality of the L1 instructors … can only immediately benefit what they do as teachers,” says Jason Ronai, assistant principal at the school.

He adds: “CrossFit preaches safety, efficiency, efficacy, and that’s a major part of our classrooms on a daily basis. It has to be there.”

Lisa Maier, a P.E. teacher at the school, was among those Level 1 attendees.

“I’m pushing my students to do things that they never think that they can do,” she explains

She continues: “That takeaway of, like, ‘OK, I can do whatever I put my mind to,’ can be spread throughout their entire lives.”

Video by Mike Koslap.

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