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The Missing by Lisbeth Darsh - CrossFit Journal

The Missing

By Lisbeth Darsh

In LEO/Mil

May 25, 2014

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Lisbeth Darsh explains why she’ll be suffering through a Hero workout this Memorial Day.

Memorial Day rolls around each year, and we give it lip service. There are parades and speeches and flags placed on front porches, but I’m not certain many folks stop and listen. I’m not sure people halt what they’re doing and consider and appreciate the sacrifices made by those who served.

In the years after the horrific military casualties of the Civil War, families would gather for “dinner on the ground” near the graves of their loved ones. They would eat and drink and celebrate those they had lost. They had dinner with them. This is believed to be the start of the picnic tradition on Memorial Day.

In our modern society, somehow it feels as if we have lost the purpose in our picnic. In many ways, we have forsaken a certain amount of community with our armed forces and with those who gave all. But I’m proud that we strive to maintain the connection in much of the CrossFit world. We embrace and support and celebrate our service members, even after they have passed out of this world.

So if some people find it odd CrossFit has a tradition of remembering athletes who paid the ultimate price while serving their country, I don’t really care. Let others wonder about our Hero workouts and question whether doing these workouts serves a purpose. When you think about it, however, honoring sacrifice with shopping is far more ridiculous. Better we should do a workout and speak the names of those who perished in the service of their country: That would be an honor.

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wrote …

I absolutely agree Lisabeth. Here is a short video I filmed just yesterday in honor of our fallen. Take a second and check it out.I think you could appreciate it more than most. I Hope you had a safe Memorial weekend. Thanks for the awesome article.
-Mike McCastle (PO2,USN)


wrote …

Thank you for your recognition of those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom.


wrote …

Awesome article.


wrote …

As a CrossFitter, but also as a Gold Star Spouse and the wife of Eddie Loredo (pictured on the cover of this journal), I couldn't agree more. Thank you for this article, Lisabeth! Although I don't wish my experiences on anyone, I will be forever grateful for my CrossFit communitiy and their desire and passion to remember our fallen.

I am determined to talk to anyone who will listen about the sacrifices our men and women make each day for our country. Being part of a community so passionate about connection, support and ultimately fitness, is a true honor.

Thank you!
Jen Loredo

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