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Born to Be Mild by Eleanor Brown - CrossFit Journal

Born to Be Mild

By Eleanor Brown

In Rest Day/Theory

June 06, 2014

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Eleanor Brown examines the role of introverts in world full of selfies and overwhelming stimulation.

A group of friends and I were meeting for lunch at a local restaurant. Near our table, two televisions were tuned to a sports channel, the volume low.

We were the only customers, and we weren’t there to watch television. I walked over and turned them off.

“Televisions in restaurants are so annoying,” I explained when I returned to the table.

My friend Charity looked at me as though I were slightly crazy.

“I just tune them out,” she said.

I looked at her as though she were slightly crazy.

“How?” I asked.

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wrote …

Thank you for writing this article. I found a valuable lesson therein.

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