CrossFit Radio Episode 333

By Justin Judkins

Audio Article

On Episode 333 of CrossFit Radio, host Justin Judkins interviewed North East Regional winner Mathew Fraser, as well as Cody Looney of CrossFit Advantage. This episode was webcast on June 4, 2014.

3:16 Mathew Fraser has only been doing CrossFit for 18 months, but he won the North East Regional by 29 points and is headed to the CrossFit Games. Fraser described how his background in Olympic lifting has helped and hindered his CrossFit career, and he detailed his last year of training. The athlete from Champlain Valley CrossFit talked about his event record in Nasty Girls V2 and shared his training plans and goals for the Games.

16:06 Cody Looney owns CrossFit Advantage, whose team finished 10th at the North West Regional. He explained what his team athletes are doing now that the event is over, and he spoke about balancing competition training with training for general physical preparedness at his affiliate. Looney said he thinks it helps when members compete in local competitions, and he talked about motivating those who are hesitant to enter. Turning to movement coaching, Looney addressed working in a group setting and scaling movements.

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