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Building Burgess: Part 1 by Jeremy Podlog and Martin Ray - CrossFit Journal

Building Burgess: Part 1

By Jeremy Podlog and Martin Ray

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British Army veteran Mike Burgess dedicated himself to becoming fit. The 42-year-old lives with post-traumatic stress disorder but says he doesn’t let it define who he is. Drawn to CrossFit by its connection to the military, Burgess was intrigued when he saw the results CrossFit produces. In this six-part series, follow the trials and triumphs that go along with “Building Burgess.”

In Part 1, Burgess discusses his desire to improve his life with Brett Marshall, Level 1 Seminar Staff member and owner of CrossFit Calgary in Calgary, Canada.

“If it took you 20 years to get fat,” Burgess says, “it’s not gonna take you 10 minutes to get fit.”

Convinced by the results he’s seen in work colleagues, Burgess decides to make a change—but it won’t be easy.

“Part of the challenge is that I’m old, fat and broken,” Burgess says with a laugh. “(CrossFit’s) got a reputation for being so ferociously tough.”

At the first class of his eight-session on-ramp, Burgess is nervous but ready for the challenge.

“I’m hoping to really beast the shit out of this to be honest,” Burgess says. “Might as well start on a brutal note and then go from there.”

In his first CrossFit workout, Burgess is introduced to Tabata intervals … or was it “toboggan”?

Video by Jeremy Podlog.

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Additional reading: The War Within by Hilary Achauer, published Feb. 10, 2013.

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3 Comments on “Building Burgess: Part 1”


wrote …

Can't wait to see how this all plays out for you mike!


wrote …

Yeah Mike, first of all thank you for your service and continued service! Not since Gary Roberts and his videos have I been more excited about watching the development of a fellow CrossFitter. Keep up the good work brother!


wrote …

Mike! I'm in the same boat. PTSD, WIA,I got out, got fat, then found CrossFit. My heaviest weight was 137Kg/302lbs in January 2014! I'm currently down to 120Kb/265lbs. CrossFit isn't easy, but it's been the greatest therapy/medicine/get off my fat ass and do work, that I've discovered! I'm excited to see your path Brother. Never Quit. Keep Fighting! Semper Fidelis

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