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A July 16 post incorrectly described Danie du Preez as a former tae kwon do instructor. Du Preez was a Tae Bo instructor.

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wrote …

Hi Danie

I Just wanted to support and give a cheer of encouragement on the video footage B4C on Danie du Preez as a former Tae Bo instructor.

Thanks for sharing your story, Its given me courage to continue my dream on setting up the first box in Samoa the country my family come from.
Im New Zealand born, but the first generation from my parents who arrived in New Zealand wanting an education for their children to achieve much more than they have. We have been so blessed with their dream for us.

Im part of a great team in New Zealand, Crossfit Manukau, Vaughan Hibbert is the owner of the box I attend. And since Ive joined up, their has been no regrets.

Thanks for your encouragement through your story.
Jacinta Ah-Voa

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