Building Burgess: Part 5

By Jeremy Podlog

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August 09, 2014

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British Army veteran Mike Burgess dedicated himself to becoming fit. The 42-year-old lives with post-traumatic stress disorder but says he doesn’t let it define who he is. Drawn to CrossFit by its connection to the military, Burgess was intrigued when he saw the results CrossFit produces. In this six-part series, follow the trials and triumphs that go along with “Building Burgess.”

In Part 5, it’s snowing as Burgess drives to the dog park with his pup Kenji, as is his tradition when he’s finished work. He takes the time to talk about relationships.

“I was a bad boy,” he says. “I mean I had a lot of fun, got some cool stories, but no connection. I carried on being an all-right philanderer for quite a period time.”

Then he met his first wife—but it ended in heartbreak. Two divorces and an ended relationship later, he reflects.

“I’m very lucky,” Burgess says. “I’ve known some very amazing, beautiful women in my life. If I find someone again, I’ll be over the moon. But in the meanwhile, maybe I’ll just have some fun looking.”

At CrossFit Calgary, he’s enjoying meeting new people.

“It’s a side bonus of working out that there is a lot of very hardworking ladies that come to these classes,” he says with a smirk.

Burgess seems surprised the women sometimes outnumber the men who go to CrossFit classes.

“They put in the same effort. … These ladies are just as tough, if not tougher.”

He’s even got a date for coffee with a CrossFit coach after class.

Video by Jeremy Podlog

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