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CrossFit and Pregnancy by Jon Gilbert - CrossFit Journal

CrossFit and Pregnancy

By Jon Gilbert

In CrossFit, HD Videos

August 05, 2014

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At CrossFit 806, seven women were faced with a decision: Should they continue to do CrossFit while pregnant?

Many people hold strong opinions on physical activity while pregnant, and coaches at CrossFit 806 encourage their expecting mothers to remain active. CrossFit can be scaled for any athlete, so the women modify movements and listen to their bodies as they train. While some have been through multiple pregnancies while doing CrossFit, one woman started the program at eight months along—and they all say it makes them feel great.

“Any movement I did made me feel 100 times better even if it (was) just stretching that first 10 minutes with the class and having the encouragement of everybody around me,” says Holly Brister, who has done CrossFit through two pregnancies.

A knowledgeable coaching staff and a doctor’s advice fuel the baby train at CrossFit 806.

“There are certain things that you have to be aware of when you’re pregnant and exercising; however, it’s better to remain healthy, active and in the best shape you can,” says Dr. George Barnett.

And it’s nothing new, says Hannah Haning, a coach who has done CrossFit through one pregnancy.

“Women have been lifting and doing things during their pregnancy for all of time,” Haning says. “It’s not something that’s just magically changed overnight.”

Video by Jon Gilbert.

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