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Injury and Opportunity by Bill Starr - CrossFit Journal

Injury and Opportunity

By Bill Starr

In Medical/Injuries, Olympic Lifts, Powerlifting

September 17, 2014

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Smart athletes look at injuries as a chance to put in some extra work on the healthy parts of the body.

Anyone who trains seriously for any length of time is going to sustain an injury. This is simply a law of nature and no one, as of yet, has found a way to avoid it.

Even those who do fitness routines and use light weight for higher reps still get dings somewhere along the way. Then there are those injuries that occur outside the weight room: hurting a shoulder when chopping down a tree that had fallen across a driveway, tweaking something while helping a friend move some extremely heavy furniture up three flights of twisting stairs, etc. Injuries are a part of life.

What really amazes me is that more people don’t get hurt while lifting weights. They don’t bother to warm up at all before doing their workouts, overtrain their upper bodies to the extreme, never bother stretching after a session, and do many exercises using very sloppy form. But sooner or later, this neglect of the more important aspects of strength training and bodybuilding catches up with them and they have to deal with an injury.

If this sounds as if I’m a doomsayer, I’m not. I’m an advocate of training throughout a lifetime. I’m simply stating a hard and fast truism. Train diligently and you’re going to get hurt. The key to being able to continue to train is the ability to deal with any injuries that occur along the way. And unless the injury is a serious one that requires the attention of a medical specialist, I believe the burden of healing that injury falls on the individual himself.

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