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The Optimal Shoulder by Zachary Long and Brian Casto - CrossFit Journal

The Optimal Shoulder

By Zachary Long and Brian Casto

In ExPhysiology, Exercises

September 24, 2014

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Strong shoulders are the key to performance overhead, and four simple movements can help you improve mobility and stability.

A look back at the workouts from for the 2013 year reveals that over 80 percent of them involved at least one exercise that had a transfer of force through the shoulder girdle.

Therefore, proper function of the shoulder is critical for both optimal performance and injury prevention. An examination of the functional anatomy of the shoulder can provide insight as to how we can prepare it for athletic movement, and several rehab/pre-hab drills can help you find the right balance of mobility and stability.

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The explanation and demonstration of the face pull y press differs from the video linked from Zach Long's site. I can't link the Youtube video directly, but it's

Is either version preferable or is the difference irrelevant?


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Either way is good Craig


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