CrossFit Radio Episode 349

By Justin Judkins

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October 04, 2014

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On Episode 349 of CrossFit Radio, host Justin Judkins interviewed CrossFit Inc. Managing Producer Tyson Oldroyd, as well as Level 1 Seminar Staff member and CrossFit Avalanche owner Myles Lewis. This episode was webcast on Oct. 1, 2014.

1:18 Tyson Oldroyd came on the show to give listeners a peek behind the scenes at CrossFit HQ. Oldroyd talked about the daily updates on, and he shared how the picture is chosen and who creates the workout. He spoke about CrossFit Founder and CEO Greg Glassman’s influence on programming, and he described how CrossFit Media is placing renewed emphasis on instructional videos and videos that tell the story of how more than 10,000 CrossFit affiliates affect the lives of people around the world.

16:58 Myles Lewis recently attended the CrossFit Seminar Trainers Summit in San Diego, California, and he described what he took away from the event, including Joe Alexander’s advice on public speaking. Lewis talked about Greg Glassman’s address to the trainers and explained why CrossFit Director of Training Dave Castro said the trainers are at war against ignorance. Finally, Myles gave his thoughts on intensity and how he teaches members of his affiliate about its importance.

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wrote …

Great Show as always

Myles likely saw this on instagram on Pat Sherwoods account ... and the quote was by Tommy Hackenbruck ... TRUTH BOMBS


replied to comment from James Laithwaite

Yes, thanks James, that's where I saw it! Pat and Tommy hit the bullseye on that quote.

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