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If You Build It … by Emily Beers - CrossFit Journal

If You Build It …

By Emily Beers

In Affiliation

October 10, 2014

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Creative affiliate owners with time and space seek new ways to support their members and generate revenue.

Running a CrossFit affiliate involves using the methodology to help people increase their fitness and improve their lives. That’s black and white. Gym owners enter a slightly gray area when they start to talk about what else to offer clients, be it services, products, additional programs and so on.

In the 2012 CrossFit Journal article “The CrossFit SAT Prep Program,” CrossFit Inc. Founder and CEO Greg Glassman suggested that if he were still running his gym, he’d be administering more than just workouts.

“If I could go back to that original little CrossFit gym in Santa Cruz and unlock the door, I’ll tell you right now what I would do next: I would take those chairs we were using for seminars and I’d hold SAT-prep classes. I’d teach math to people who are afraid of math, and I’d be doing everything I could to improve the cognitive processes of my friends,” he said.

This is just one idea of how affiliates can use their time and space to help improve lives and possibly generate additional revenue in the process.

Generally speaking, affiliates generate revenue by selling fitness training—fundamentals, personal training and group classes. But many gyms are getting creative and extending their reach to raise revenue and help more people. From hosting children’s birthday parties to renting space to chiropractors and massage therapists, affiliate owners are making use of time and square footage to create a happy community and a business that is perfectly tailored to the needs of its members.

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