Squat Fix: Falling Backward

By Andréa Maria Cecil

In Coaching, Exercises

October 19, 2014

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CrossFit HQ’s Russell Berger and Pat Sherwood dissect a common problem: athletes who fall backward when learning the air squat.

Longtime CrossFit trainers have seen it more times than they can count: an athlete falls on his butt at the bottom of the air squat.

The hips go back and down, but then the chest falls. When he tries to regain a neutral midline, it’s time for someone to yell “timber!”

But why does it happen? And how can it be fixed?

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2 Comments on “Squat Fix: Falling Backward”


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

"Stop wearing Olympic-weightlifting shoes"

Great advice Pat. I agree there is a time and place for them. But definitely not good to rely in them. I'me never squatted in them before, but I could imagine they help quite a bit.

One thing I'm surprised you guys didn't mention was scaling the range of motion. In most cases, I like to think position/movement principle first, range of motion second. But depends on the purpose I guess.


wrote …

Awesome article! When I took my L-1, I felt like such a turd when the seminar staff just kept having me try squat therapy over and over again. I was like "I swear if you just let me loosen up a bit, I can squat better!" All they said was, "k-Starr was wrong, you just need squat therapy."

Good to see open minded ness from the top coaches:)

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