CrossFit Radio Episode 357

By Justin Judkins

In Radio

November 28, 2014

Audio Article

On Episode 357 of CrossFit Radio, host Justin Judkins interviewed two affiliate owners: Trevor Palmer of South Orlando CrossFit and Jason Lydon of CrossFit Lackland. This episode was webcast on Nov. 26, 2014.

1:22 Trevor Palmer explained how he uses the philosophy of mechanics, consistency and intensity to develop his athletes, and he talked about the various ways he scales workouts to get the results he wants. Palmer, who has been doing CrossFit and coaching since 2007, talked about how it feels to see his athletes succeed, as well as how he does something every week to build the community and culture at his affiliate.

14:07 Jason Lydon started doing CrossFit while deployed to Iraq. When he was reassigned, he immediately opened CrossFit Lackland in San Antonio, Texas. Lydon explained why he became an entrepreneur and what he does to retain his members, and he talked about how he’s very careful when using the Internet and social media to promote his business. Lydon also offered his opinion on programming and said he’ll regularly include two, three or even four distinct conditioning pieces in one hour-long session.

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