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Turning Admin Into “Adminimal” by Emily Beers - CrossFit Journal

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November 04, 2014

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Affiliate owners describe creative ways to offload work so they can focus on the big picture at their gyms.

When you open a CrossFit affiliate, you quickly learn you’re more than a coach, and if you try to tackle every job that comes your way, you might not find time to sleep, let alone time to train your clients and develop coaches and your business.

Imagine this very common scenario:

You wake up at 5 a.m. and send a dozen e-mails before scheduling a post to go up on your website in the evening. After that, you quickly edit a video of a client getting his first muscle-up, which you upload to your affiliate’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. A quick sip of coffee, and then it’s time to take a look at last week’s attendance report. Five clients who haven’t been there in two weeks need an e-mail. It’s payday tomorrow, so you sift through your reports for the month. Finally, it’s time to fill out the paperwork for your sign permit, which you’ll drop off at city hall on you way to coach your first client of the morning.

Exciting and fulfilling as all this can be, it can also be exhausting. If you let endless administrative duties take over your life as an affiliate owner, it can be incredibly distracting to your business. This is why many owners have found solutions to ease the headache. Some are hiring full-time administrative or facility managers, others are shifting certain duties onto coaches, and others still are relying heavily on technology to make their lives easier. No matter what they’re doing, these affiliate owners agree that shifting administration duties has freed them up to develop their clients, coaches and business.

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wrote …

Loved this post and couldn't agree with it more. Finding ways to offload work and focus on what REALLY matters (changing people's lives through results) has been the best thing I ever did for my box. When I first opened up, I was trying to do everything: crossfit marketing, teaching crossfit and running the business side as well. I found some help and we've seen great success since then!

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