Virtuosity 2: A Friend in Need

By Anne-Marie McClintock

In Affiliation

November 28, 2014

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A tragic death shakes an individual but unifies a community.

Our call for submissions has brought in more than a few tragic tales. As sad as these stories are, they are balanced by the strength of the affected people and the response of their communities.

CrossFit workouts have often been characterized as “group suffering,” and they make us stronger and fitter. In an inspiring reflection of that idea, members of CrossFit affiliates usually find themselves surrounded by support when grief strikes and the world goes sideways.

This is one of the most inspiring aspects of our affiliate community. Imagine the response to tragedy by fellow members of a globo gym. Most wouldn’t even know your name. Yet Anne-Marie McClintock’s loss highlighted the support system at BayState CrossFit, and it’s a system that exists in every affiliate: When someone falters, the rest unite to assist. That procedure has been established during Fran and Helen and Diane, and it continues when the world outside the gym turns harsh.

In “Virtuosity 1,” Audrey Pike highlighted the dramatic effects a fully invested trainer can have on his or her athletes, and in “Virtuosity 2,” McClintock aptly describes how communities pull together and care for their own. Now we’re looking for more stories that highlight other aspects of our community. Tell us why your life is better because of the people you train with. In thanks, we’ll send the author US$500 and the affiliate or garage gym a $500 gift card from Rogue Fitness.

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