CrossFit Radio Episode 359

By Justin Judkins

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December 13, 2014

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On Episode 359 of CrossFit Radio, host Justin Judkins interviewed two CrossFit Games competitors who share the same first name. Emily Beers placed 37th in 2014, and Emily Bridgers placed sixth. This episode was webcast on Dec. 10, 2014.

1:20 Emily Beers spoke about her experience in Carson, California, and said she found the physical tests easier than the mental challenges. Beers talked about the changes to the CrossFit Games season, and with the Open only a few months away, she detailed her current training plan. Finally, she described an upcoming CrossFit Journal article in which she surveys affiliate owners to see how they help athletes deal with the dietary temptations of the holidays.

13:10 Emily Bridgers just got back from a trip to Hawaii with several other athletes, and she returned with an engagement ring on her finger, courtesy of her boyfriend and coach. Bridgers recently represented the United States in the CrossFit Invitational, and she described how she felt about the back-to-back tests at the competition. Her team was able to stage a comeback during the final event, and she explained how she, Rich Froning, Jason Khalipa and Julie Foucher managed to come through in the end. With a whirlwind year behind her, Bridgers shared the lessons she’ll take with her into 2015.

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