Fit to Teach Episode 7: Positive Results

By Gary Roberts and Jordan Shalhoub

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December 19, 2014

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With the encouragement of co-worker and CrossFit coach Meredith Davis, 18 Cannon School educators in Concord, North Carolina, started training at CrossFit Vitality. In this nine-part series, these teachers and administrators go through CrossFit fundamentals and try to determine the cognitive impact of the program.

After three months of CrossFit, 11 out of 18 original members remain consistent with the program. Coach Steve Pinkerton estimates six or seven are committed to the Paleo challenge as well.

And they’re getting results.

“They’re finding that their bodies are changing,” Davis says. “They’re getting push-ups now. One girl just realized that she’s faster at running.”

One teacher is hardly recognizable. She’s lost 8 lb. and says her increased fitness is carrying over into the classroom, where she works with 4- and 5-year-olds who need high-energy supervision.

By improving their fitness, these teachers are becoming positive role models for their impressionable students.

“They’re setting the example,” Davis says. “Developing that (fitness) habit at a young age, it’ll stick with them all through school.”

Video by Gary Roberts and Jordan Shalhoub.

9min 11sec

Additional reading: “Streets to Scholarship” by Andréa Maria Cecil, published Aug. 17, 2014.

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