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December 15, 2014

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Recording artist Rick Ross has taken up CrossFit, and the 38-year-old rapper says training and an improved diet have benefitted him in several ways.

“Being in better shape, it affects everything,” Ross says. “Of course your health. Of course your psyche, your confidence.”

Ross recently released his seventh album, “Hood Billionaire,” and he’s up for a pair of Grammy Awards for his work on two other projects. Trainer Garret Fisher, fifth-place finisher at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games, says Ross’ progress fires him up.

“Every day when we work out, (Ross) definitely pushes his limits … and it shows,” Fisher says.

As a frequent traveler, Ross has limited opportunities to work out and appreciates CrossFit’s intensity and minimal time commitment.

“We come out here, we get it in, we feel good,” Ross says of his training, which takes place primarily in his backyard.

Watch as CrossFit Inc. journalist Sevan Matossian follows Ross, who says he uses CrossFit to start each day “like a boss.”

Video by Sevan Matossian.

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 319 by Justin Judkins, published March 1, 2014.

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5 Comments on “RossFit”


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

Stay with it bro. Sounds like you've been making some real improvements.


wrote …

where do i buy that cROSSfit t-shirt @? Bose


wrote …

What happened to the instructional video? The videos that help coach and teach techniques? I've noticed that the journal is more about motivation videos/personal stories then teaching. I find myself having to go to other sources for videos. People pay a monthly membership to access the videos, can we get some videos that will help athletes and coaches be better?


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

Daniel, I respectfully emailed the Journal support staff about the same thing. I agree with you, but I guess that just means I get more of an opportunity to go back in the archives and re-watch something. There's always things I don't catch the first couple times around. You should try the same.

Also, I think the Journal is free now.


wrote …


As Chris said, the Journal is now free.

If you are interested in more content related to coaching, you can find them on, and archived on

For example, the post for today, 12/25/2014, includes a video on how to effectively manage a group class.

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