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Fit to Teach by Brittney Saline - CrossFit Journal

Fit to Teach

By Brittney Saline

In Kids, Special Populations

January 04, 2015

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Staff at Cannon School set an example for their students as CrossFit is set to become part of the elementary curriculum in 2015.

At 16 years old, Meredith Davis (then Wittman) was strong.

A ballerina of 12 years, her thick, sinewy thighs propelled her nimbly across the floor as music swelled overhead. Her back muscles rippling as she extended in a graceful arch, she looked to her instructors for approval.

“‘Your legs look like tree trunks,’” Davis quoted her teacher. “‘You should stretch them out a bit, because we don’t want to look like that.’”

The callous remark was the prelude to a 10-year battle with distorted body image and eating disorders. But when CrossFit taught Davis to love PRs more than pants size, she ended the war and took up a cause. The dancer-turned-science-teacher would use CrossFit to forge an army of fit educators—the role models she never had.

“It’s important as an educator to set a positive example,” she said. “Your body is meant to do things. It’s not just meant to hold clothing or to look a certain way.”

For the first episode of the nine-part “Fit to Teach” video series, click here.

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