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January 14, 2015

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With basic technical skills and some practice, affiliates can create great images that showcase their businesses.

One of the most humbling aspects of CrossFit is how it exposes weaknesses—and not just in the realm of fitness.

Each CrossFit gym has a website that requires a modest degree of skill with words, videos and pictures, and these sites can showcase the strengths and weaknesses of those who manage them.

Even if you have the best coaches and facility, posting poor pictures online can give would-be clients the impression a lack of care might spill over into other areas of your business—such as the way you train your clients. It’s no mistake CrossFit Founder and CEO Greg Glassman has said he can determine the quality of a gym by the cleanliness of its bathrooms.

Attention to detail is important, and what you post online matters. When a picture is sharp and clear, it can bring a moment to life and make a statement about your business. Taking the time to create quality images can help develop a brand that radiates quality and professionalism.

Affiliate owners certainly don’t need to become professional photographers, but a few simple tips can help them dramatically improve the quality of the images that represent their businesses.

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wrote …

Koda Crossfit in Oklahoma City is an excellent example of this. Chad Hamilton makes us look like super heroes!

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