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In Love With the Lifestyle: ZZ CrossFit by Gary Roberts - CrossFit Journal

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January 16, 2015

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ZZ CrossFit is one of 110 affiliates in Argentina and home to about 200 members. The box is located inside a 3,000-member globo gym in Buenos Aires, and coach Pope Garcia says he initially expected more members to migrate to CrossFit training.

“We expected to have more visitors from inside the gym, and the opposite happened,” Garcia says. “Ten percent of our (CrossFit) athletes came from inside the gym.”

The rest of ZZ’s members found the affiliate via Facebook, word of mouth or just in passing. Garcia isn’t disheartened by the small number of people who made the switch.

“It’s a completely different culture,” he says.

Alejandro Valle owns both the CrossFit affiliate and the gym that houses it. He says his business for the last 25 years has been the globo gym, but he’s in love with the CrossFit lifestyle. Filled with smiling members and zealous coaches, ZZ CrossFit has been so successful that Valle and a partner will soon open a new location, adding to the ever-growing number of affiliates in South America.

CrossFit is everything to Valle, he says: “Changed my life, changed my focus, changed my passion.”

Video by Gary Roberts.

6min 30sec

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